Property Management

Relax...We Have Everything Taken Care Of

Isn't one of your strongest desires to enjoy your time and your property here at Black Rock without the worry and work involved with maintenance and repair? We can eliminate the headache that comes with being your own property manager and increase your free time.

We are delighted that the Property Management team continues their incomparable services for the homeowners here at Black Rock. Homeowners spend their time relishing the beauty that is Black Rock without the everyday stresses of property upkeep.

We would like to offer you our experience in managing your property with the professionalism, integrity, and accountability that guarantees satisfaction. Black Rock offers a full service Property Management Program with long-term employees who are committed to the highest standard of excellence in caring for your property.

The following information describes some of the services, programs and packages that the Black Rock Property Management Program provides.

Please call us at 208.676.8999 for more information or to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Seasonal Start-Up Program

It is important that your house is ready to go when you arrive. There are many things that need to be taken care of each year and our staff is here for you and your home. Let us take care of all your house's needs, so you can enjoy your summer when you arrive.

Below are a few examples of what this program involves:
Set thermostat at 72 degrees
Turn on and inspect refrigerator
Turn hot water heater to normal setting
Clean and inspect propane fireplace, appliances, and BBQ
Set patio furniture and cushions
And much more!

Winterization Program

Get your house ready for the winter season. Temperatures vary greatly in the winter months and it is very important that your house is checked often. We provide a full service to get your house ready for the winter along with weekly house checks (more frequent with severe weather) to make sure your house is protected all season. Protect your investment and let us give you peace of mind.

Below are a few examples of what this program involves:
Set thermostat at 59-62 degrees (or desired temperature)
Turn off water supply to house interior
Drain all water supply lines
Snow removal from doors
Weekly walk-thru inspection and monthly email report

Specialty Services

Specialty projects will arise in your home and we can help you take care of these. If it is something that we cannot do, we will arrange a recommended vendor to come provide the service as we make sure the project is done correctly and completely.

Common Specialty Projects:
Change water filter in refrigerator
Clean and service HVAC systems
Spring cleaning
Exterior & interior windows
Clean carpets
Exterior & interior pest control
Clean rain gutters
Home inspection

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